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Research with Human Subjects:

  • Human Subjects Procedures
  • Instructions on submitting applications to IRB
    Email IRB submissions to
    1. The subject line of your email must include the IRB # (if assigned one), PI last name, and type of submission (e.g. F200, F212, etc.)
    2. The body of the email must include a bulleted list of all of the attachments included in the review.
    3. Microsoft word documents are required for applications, consents, recruitment materials and data collections instruments. PDF’s may be submitted for documents that typically are not revised by the IRB (e.g. signature pages, sponsor protocols).
    4. Include only one submission request per email.
  • IRB Forms
  • Research Guide
  • Experiment Short Form

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        Name of conference:
        Conference dates:
        Travel dates:
        Mode of travel (air, car, etc.):
        Indicate if you will be staying at the designated conference hotel:
        Location of conference:
        Are you presenting:

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