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Behavioral Health Clinic

The BHC offers a variety of comprehensive assessment services designed to accurately identify mental health disorders and provide diagnostic clarity including psychodiagnostic assessments, ADHD/ADD evaluations, and assessments of memory and cognitive functioning. All assessment services at the BHC include:

Initial Interview

During the initial interview (1-1.5 hours), you and your clinician will review your background, any specific questions that you are hoping to have answered, and establish the goals for the assessment.


You will be asked to complete various assessments that assist with meeting the goals of the assessment. These appointments range in duration (2-5 hours) and may require scheduling multiple blocks of time depending on your unique needs.


During the feedback session (45 minutes) you and your clinician will discuss and contextualize the results and, if appropriate, any evidence-based treatment recommendations.

Detailed Report

A comprehensive report that includes a detailed synthesis of the information obtained will be provided to you or your healthcare provider upon request.

Psychological assessment is a specialized process to identify and differentiate a person’s symptoms, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and provide insight into their daily experience. Comprehensive assessments can:

  • Help individuals who are struggling with symptoms like anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, lack of motivation, hyperactivity, trouble sleeping, inattention, addiction, or other distressing symptoms gain insight about what they are struggling with
  • Help individuals better understand underlying reasons for their social, emotional, occupational, or other functional problems
  • Help individuals better understand and conceptualize psychiatric symptoms
  • Help individuals identify evidence-based strategies and interventions best suited to meet their needs
  • For individuals who are already in treatment, provide your clinician with additional information to help inform and guide treatment

Since the BHC is a training clinic staffed by clinicians at different points in their training, we take extra care to try to ensure that individuals work with clinicians who can meet their needs. Therefore, everyone seeking services at the BHC starts with a brief phone call to determine whether clinicians at the BHC will be a good fit for meeting their needs.

If you are interested in seeking an assessment at the BHC, you can get started by completing an online form to provide us with an initial idea of what you are struggling with and your contact information.

Get Started: Complete the BHC Interest Form

BHC staff follow-up with a brief (20-30 minutes) phone call to review clinic policies and see if the BHC might be capable of meeting your needs. If it seems the BHC may be a good fit, you'll be paired with a BHC clinician to get started. 

Providers looking to submit a referral on their patient/client's behalf, click here

Appointments are generally scheduled in-person between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday-Friday. The initial interview and feedback appointments can be conducted remotely via telepsychology platforms under certain circumstances; however all assessment appointments must be completed in-person.

Assessments at the BHC cost $300. The BHC charges a set fee for evaluations that includes the initial interview, the personalized battery of assessments, scoring, comprehensive report writing, and integrated feedback instead of an hourly charge. This allows clinicians to conduct very thorough evaluations.

Individuals who cannot afford this rate are encouraged to inquire about our financial assistance policy. The BHC offers a sliding-scale discounted rate based upon total gross family income and family size with reduced fees as low as $75. Please contact us for additional details.

We accept checks, debit cards, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover) as forms of payment. We do not accept cash as a form of payment. We do not accept insurance.


NOTE The BHC does not provide assessments in a forensic or legal context. Assessments completed at the BHC are not suitable for use as evidence in court. The BHC does not provide emergency services or medication management.