BS Psychological Science

The BS in Psychological Science prepares students for careers that require an in-depth understanding of the research methods used to study the mind, brain, and behavior. With special topic seminars and intensive hands-on research opportunities, the BS program emphasizes critical thinking, analytical thinking, and quantitative skills that prepare students for a Ph.D. program in Psychology or for other advanced training programs that require a strong background in science, such as medicine, nursing, public health, education, business, or public policy.
BS Psychological Science Curriculum Guide Fall 2021 and prior

BS Psychological Science Curriculum Guide Spring 2022 and beyond

Course requirements
Total required credits for completion of the major is 45. After completing 18 units covering foundational topics in psychology, students will advance to the major and complete advanced course work and independent research projects. Advancement to the major is dependent on a passing grade in all pre-major required courses.

Psychological Science Pre-major  
Completion of 18 units of core coursework in psychology that include one course from each of the following domains: Introduction to Psychology, Measurement and Statistics, Research Methods, Clinical Science, Social-Personality Science, and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Psychological Science Major
Advancement into the major requires successful completion of the 18 units from the pre-major. Students complete an additional 27 units of course work and research experience, including Advanced Methods, Advanced Statistics, 12 units of 400-level advanced topic courses and 9 units of research experience.

Program Fee

Junior and Senior Psychological Science majors will be charged a $200.00 fee each fall and spring semester until graduation.
The program fee will support laboratory research costs and will enhance the major by providing career advising services, forums for students scientific presentations, guest speakers and field experiences.