Clinical Faculty

Clinical Psychology

Gene Alexander

Professor, Clinical and Cognition & Neural Systems Director, Brain Imaging, Behavior, & Aging Laboratory

John Allen

Distinguished Professor, Clinical and Cognition Neural Systems Director, Psychophysiology Laboratory Director, Depression Risk Laboratory

Matthew Grilli

Associate Professor, Clinical Director, Human Memory Lab Director, Neuropsychology Track & Minor

Heidi Hamann

Associate Professor, Clinical Director, Psychosocial Research in Oncology Lab Director, Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Minor Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Program (University of Arizona Cancer Center)

John Ruiz

Professor, Clinical Director, Social Risk and Resilience Factors (SuRRF) Lab Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Lee Ryan

Professor and Department Head Associate Director, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute Director, Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratory

Daniel Taylor

Professor, Clinical Director, Clinical Graduate Program

Jolene Jacquart

Assistant Clinical Professor Director, Behavioral Health Clinic

Julie Feldman

Associate Professor of Practice Director, LifeSTEP Program