Psychology Major

The BA in Psychology emphasizes the fundamental principles of Psychology that can be applied to solve practical problems related to human behavior and society. You’ll gain a broad education in Psychology that is relevant to many fields, including counseling and therapy, social work, education, physical health and wellness, marketing and sales, law and forensics, environmental sustainability, and human resources. The BA program emphasizes real-world applications through community engagement, and is designed for students who want marketable skills they can use to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation.
BA Psychology Curriculum Guide Fall 2021 and prior

BA Psychology Curriculum Guide Spring 22 and beyond

Course Requirements
Total required credits for completion of the major is 33, covering foundational topics in psychology, of which 18 units are upper division courses.

Psychology Major
Major coursework in psychology will include one course from each of the following domains: Clinical Science, Social-Personality Science, and Cognitive Neuroscience. Additional course work can include up to two active learning experiences such as independent study, internship, or practicum.