Research - IRB Instructions, Forms, Committee, and more

Email IRB submissions to with the following information:

  • Subject Line - must include the IRB # (if assigned one), PI last name, and type of submission (e.g. F200, F212, etc.)
  • Email Body/Message - must include a bulleted list of all of the attachments included in the review.
  • Document Formats - Applications, consents, recruitment materials and data collections instruments are required to be submitted as Microsoft Word documents. PDF’s may be submitted for documents that typically are not revised by the IRB (e.g. signature pages, sponsor protocols).
  • Include only one submission request per email.

Updated: 10/07/22

Updated: 10/07/22 

Research Committee Members:

  • Arne Ekstrom (chair)

  • Gene Alexander

  • Heidi Hamman

  • Ying-Hui Chou

  • Daniel Taylor

  • Dyann Garcia

  • Diheng Zhang

Updated: 09/02/22