Lee Ryan

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Professor and Department Head
Associate Director, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute
Director, Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratory

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(520) 621-7443
Psychology 312
Research Interests: 
  • Investigating the aging brain and how memory changes with age
  • Developing state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging techniques to visualize the aging brain
  • Identifying ways to maintain a healthy brain through heart-healthy lifestyle choices

My research focuses on the neural basis of memory, age-related changes in memory, and how these changes relate to brain functioning. I have a special interest in the impact of cardiovascular health for maintaining memory function as we age, and decreasing risk for age-related disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Selected Publications: 

Lane, R.D., Ryan, L., Nadel, L., and Greenberg, L. Memory reconsolidation, emotional arousal, and the process of change in psychotherapy: New insights from brain science. Behavorial Brain Science, 2015 Jan;38:e1.

Ryan, L., Cardoza, J.A., Barense, M.D., Kawa, K.H., Wallentin-Flores, J., Arnold, W.T., and Alexander, G.E. (2012). Age-related impairment in a complex object discrimination task that engages perirhinal cortex. Hippocampus, 22(10), 1978-89.

Ryan, L. and Walther, K. (2014).  White matter integrity in older females is altered by increased body fat. Obesity, 22(9), 2039-46.

Ryan, L., Walther, K., Bendlin, B.B., Lue L-F., Walker, D.G., & Glisky, E.L. (2011).  Age-related differences in white matter integrity measured by diffusion tensor imaging and cognitive function are related to APOE status.  NeuroImage, 54(2), 1565-77.

Ryan, L., Nadel, L., Keil, K., Putnam, K., Schnyer, D., Trouard, T., & Moscovitch, M. (2001).  Hippocampal complex and retrieval of recent and very remote autobiographical memories: Evidence from functional magnetic resonance imaging in neurologically intact people.  Hippocampus, 11: 707-714.

Research Program: