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The Cognition & Neuroimaging Laboratory

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Lee Ryan, Ph.D.
The Cognition & Neuroimaging Lab
Phone: (520) 621-8792


Studies that are open for recruitment:

Life Stress & Aging Study Ad

Life Stress & Aging Study
We want to learn how life’s stressful experiences impact health and aging. To do this, we would ask you to complete questionnaires and a behavioral task in the lab. You will also be asked to provide saliva samples in the lab and at home. 

You may be eligible to participate if: 

  • Are ages 50-79 years old
  • Identify as Hispanic/Latino or non-Hispanic White 
  • Are comfortable speaking, reading and writing in English 

Participants will be compensated up to $75 for completing the study. Free parking will be provided. 

Give us a call or email us to see if you are eligible. Please mention your interest in the Life Stress and Aging Study.

Phone: (520) 621-8792 


Healthy Minds for Life Study

This study takes a new approach to aging research, studying each person as a unique individual, instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to tactics and day-to-day behaviors that promote healthy aging. This study is fun, interactive, connects you with your community research team! This study involves coming into the lab to participate in cognitive testing, brain imaging (i.e., MRI), blood draw, ultrasound of the arteries in the neck, and more.

You will be paid up to $200 for the initial visits and will receive a free smartwatch that is used during the study.

Please contact us to learn more!  If you are interested, please call (520) 621-5370 or email