Frequently Asked Questions


The Psychology department has designed specific courses to assist our student populations at the freshman and junior/senior levels.

PSY 197A: offered to freshman only in the fall semester of every year. Mentors will assist the instructor in increasing students' awareness of campus resources and foster the development of appropriate skills to assist in the students' personal, academic, and professional development. In addition, this course will briefly introduce students to various fields within psychology and career opportunities. It combines class activities and discussions with out-of-class learning experiences.

PSY 197B: This course will introduce students to various fields within psychology and career opportunities. It also addresses student concerns about topics like study skills, learning styles, time management, and overall success in the Psychology major.  Combining in-class activities and discussions with out-of-class learning experiences, this course helps students develop the skills to be successful academically and professionally.

PSY 396C: The purpose of this course is to introduce undergraduate Psychology majors to the various career opportunities within the field of Psychology.  This course will primarily focus on preparation for graduate school and thus provide steps for the graduate school application process.  In addition, students will learn skills to assist them with a successful transition into a graduate program.


Classes that have a section of -801 this fall semester are for those students in a Study Abroad Program. Students not on study abroad cannot take them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Who is my academic advisor?

  • Last Names A-F: Randy Yazzie –  YazzieR [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu
  • Last Names G-M & Honors: Keri Bishop –  KeriB [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu
  • Last Names N-Z: Shelley Gill – ShelleyB [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu
  • Arizona Online students: Jamie Ellsworth -  Jellsworth [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu
  • Assistant Director of Academic Advising: Melanie Lipton –  MelanieLipton [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu


How can I declare a Psychology major or minor?

  • To declare a Psychology major, please view our brief online info session HERE.  Your major will be updated within 72 business hours.  
  • To declare the Psychology minor, you can email MBB-psychinfo [at] email [dot] arizonaMBB-psychinfo [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu (.edu) to declare, or request your major advisor declare for you.


What is Priority Registration and how can I prepare?

Priority Registration is the time each semester for students to plan for and enroll in the upcoming semester.  Priority Registration typically occurs in October and April.  We offer specific advising services during this time to assist with schedule planning. We’ve created a presentation to walk you through all you need to know about Priority Registration!  Please watch this video workshop:HERE


Why can’t I enroll in certain Psychology courses during Priority Registration?

During the priority registration period, we reserve the bulk of our courses for our majors and  to ensure they can enroll in courses they need to graduate. After priority registration (usually late November and late April), we will make courses available to  Psychology Minors and students in other majors  if seats are still available. When searching for a Psychology course look for the Enrollment Requirements to determine if you are eligible to enroll in a class.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee access to Psychology courses for all non-majors.  If there are still seats available after the Priority Registration period has ended on April 22, we will release seats. Please check UAccess for availability.


I’m a Psychology major, but I can’t enroll in certain Psychology courses – Why?

The Psychology BA degree and the BS in Psychological Science are similar, but they are different degree programs.  Therefore, they each have specific courses designed just for students in each major.  When reviewing the courses, carefully review the enrollment requirements. 

  • PSYCBA=Psychology BA
  • PSYSBS=Psychological Science BS
  • PRPYND= Pre-Psychological Science
  • PSYCBS=Psychology BS (pre 2017 degree program)

If you have questions about specific courses, please contact your advisor.  


If I’m a main campus (Tucson) student, can I take online Psychology courses?

Our major is designed to be primarily a campus based degree program. We have a very small number of online courses (iCourses) available for main campus students during the fall and spring semesters. These courses have very limited capacity, so we cannot guarantee that you will be able to enroll in an iCourse. If an iCourse is full, you are welcome to add it to your shopping cart and check frequently to see if a spot opens.


Can I complete the degree entirely online?

We offer the Psychology BA as a fully online program for students who are unable to attend classes in person. The online program and the main campus program do have some important differences, so please check with your advisor, or our Online Advising team to see if this is the right fit for you.  


I would like to take summer or winter courses.  Where can I find information about this?

We offer Psychology courses every summer and winter, and it’s a great way for all Psychology majors, minors, and exploring students to take Psychology courses. Summer and winter have different registration periods. and there are limits to the number of units you can take during the summer.  Find more information on the Summer-Winter homepage.


How can I calculate my tuition and fees?

Visit this website to calculate your tuition:


How can I find a research lab?

Begin by searching the Psychology Research website and search faculty by your area of interest.  Contact the faculty directly via email to inquire about availability in their labs.  We also post all research lab opportunities via our Psychology email list and our monthly newsletter.  Please watch your emails for notices of research opportunities. We do not place students in research labs, but we can provide assistance, tips, and resources to students.


How do I file for GRO?

Enroll in the class you plan to repeat. Visit this step by step tutorial to guide you through the process. Note – you cannot file for GRO until the first day of the class.


I took a course from an Arizona College. How will it transfer?

You can use the Course Equivalency Guide for any in-state, public institution to check on the articulation of transfer coursework.  This does not necessarily indicate how these courses meet degree requirements.  Please follow up with your advisor for more specific information.



I have courses from an out-of-state university that may transfer.  How do I have them evaluated?

Check the Transfer Credit Guide to see if your specific courses have already been approved for specific equivalencies at UArizona. You can use the Course Equivalency or Credit Request webpage to have a specific course evaluated if they are not already listed in the Transfer Credit Guide. If you have a Math class to be evaluated, please visit the Math Transfer Credit website



What do I do if a PSY class is full?

Take classes in your foundations, general education, minor, or upper-division elective classes. If a PSY course you need is your only option, and the priority registration period has passed, you can reach out via email to the instructor who teaches the class.