Posters - Printing Locations, Recommendations, Templates, and More

Reproductions, Inc at 5th Avenue and 6th Street is going to be the best choice for a majority of our printing. Aside from being just a few blocks off campus, they’re the among the cheapest at $4 per square foot and as a UA vendor are willing to bill directly to account numbers, simplifying the payment process for all.

To use their services, please submit your poster as a PDF using their webform at:

Please be sure to:

  1. Specify that it’s for the University of Arizona Psychology Department
  2. Provide a UA Account Number in the Additional Instructions unless you’ll be paying by other means
  3. Specify Other in the Media Type drop-down and 32# matte presentation bond in the Additional Instructions

*NOTE: Failure to specify 1) and 3) may result in higher charges.*

Please note that while delivery is an option on the form, it is not provided to UA, so be sure to select Pickup.

Jobs can be turned around in as little as an hour, but are printed in the order they’re received so it’s strongly advised to give them a day or two to process your job. We have no control over what else comes to them and there is no priority printing.


If your lab has no applicable funding for your poster, please reach out to Nathan to have your poster submitted and paid for by the department.

Please be sure to obtain the invoice when you pick up your poster and turn it into the business office (accounting) as soon as possible.


Example form:

Screenshot - Poster Printing Form

With respect to your poster:

  • Please submit as PDF ONLY
  • Keep one side below 42”; larger prints can be done, but will come on different paper and may result in additional charges
  • Before submitting, verify in the file properties that the poster has retained its dimensions. Some “Print to PDF” functions will reduce it to an 8.5”x11” output.
  • Before submitting, I highly recommend you have one or more of your peers review the poster. The most common errors are:
    • failure to verify the poster's dimensions
    • subtle formatting issues that would become a lot more obvious when blown up to full size (misaligned lines or columns and low resolution images)
    • failure to define acronyms
    • Looking at your file at close to 100% can help you see formatting issues

Poster Printer PowerPoint (PPT) Template (Auto-Download)


Poster Printing Dropbox

Updated: 10/31/22