Job Postings - Hiring Staff or Students, Pay Rates and Compensation Guidelines, Raises and Incumbent Reviews, and more

Job Postings and Hiring Process

Hiring for Staff Positions

Please fill out the Position Description form.

You can also compare various jobs details via the JDXpert Career Matrix. A NetID and password are required to access this resource. You can find the link within the Job Functions and Families section of the HR websites.

Updated 03/20/23

Requesting a Student Employee:

Before requesting or offering a position, please review the Elligibility Requirements for a student to be a worker HERE. The linked page includes an FAQ, student enrollment requirements, and additional considerations. 

If the student meets the qualifications and you wish to initiate a job opening for them, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Employee's Name
  • Employee ID
  • How many hours per week
  • Hourly Rate to be Paid
  • Account Number for Routing
  • Effective Date
  • End Date

This process will be used to start the hiring process for the student employee.


For additional information on student worker job classifications and pay, CLICK HERE.

For additional information on allowable workable hours for student workers, CLICK HERE.

Pay Rates and Raises:

PLEASE NOTE: Promotions, transfers and other job changes may require incumbent review. Do not make an offer to an employee without completing the following processes.

Please allow 30 days for the review process to be completed.

Compensation Guidelines:

For an overview of pay policies affecting University Staff, please consult the Compensation Administration Guidelines (PDF). Topics include:

  • New hire pay determination
  • Promotions or merit increases
  • Transfer
  • Mapping of positions, including temporary changes or part time roles
  • Supplemental compensation or other additional payments

Incumbent Reviews:

Per the Human Resources department of the University of Arizona, an incumbent review is needed when an existing employee’s job duties and responsibilities change significantly. This is typically defined as a change in 30% or more of job duties or responsibilities, or one that affects how the job is mapped to the career architecture. You will be asked to take the following steps:

  • Fill out a Position Description Form (PDF) and Incumbent Review Request Form (PDF) to reflect changes in job duties and responsibilities.
  • Submit an MSS Exception Request in UAccess. Attach the updated position description, updated résumé and any other supporting documentation.
  • Once a results letter is emailed to the person who submitted the incumbent review request, create an MSS Job Change in UAccess with an action code of “position life cycle." Attach the results letter.

Updated 02/16/23

Updated 03/20/23