Consent Forms - Submission and Logging

Turn in Your Consent Forms for Logging

Consents forms are filed and stored in the Psychology Administration Office, room 312 of the Psychology Building. Forms can be turned in at the front desk anytime throughout the year, though at minimumat least once per semester.  It is important that you follow the Psychology Department’s guidelines for the submission and storage of consents.  Failure to adhere to the linked guidelines will result in forms being returned until the directions have been properly completed.

When submitting a new Application for Human Research remember to enter the location where you will be storing your consents forms (Psychology, Room 312).  If you will be storing your consent forms yourself, rather than in room 312 of the Psychology Building, please be sure to indicate the exact location (building and room number) at which you will be doing so.  A reminder that, per policy, all forms must be stored in a locked and secure location at all times.

Consent forms submitted to the Psychology Administration Office are kept in the department for two years.  After two years have passed consent forms are then sent to the Records Center for storage.  There they will be retained for a minimum of six years following the completion of the research.  If the research involves minors, consent forms will be retained for six years after the last minor has reached the age of 18.  Should you choose to store your forms yourself, they must be submitted to the Psychology Administration Office after two years for proper archiving at the Records Center.

For questions, please feel free to contact Beth Owens directly.

Updated: 10/27/22