Riley O'Neill

Real name: 
Psychology 405

Riley’s research interests broadly concern the pathways through which stress leads to adverse cardiovascular and metabolic outcomes. Riley is primarily interested in examining the pathways linking various psychosocial factors to increased risk for cardiovascular and metabolic disease outcomes, specifically in the context of racial/ethnic health disparities. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Spanish at the University of Alabama, where she worked in the Health Relationships & Disparities Lab of Dr. Jenny Cundiff and Capstone Sleep Lab of Dr. Matthew Cribbet. 

Selected Publications: 
O’Neill, R., Cundiff, J. M., Cribbet, M. R., & Wendel, C. (2020, February). An Examination of Sleep as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Childhood Adversity and Adult Emotional Health in a Multiethnic Sample. Data Blitz presentation at the 12th annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology Health Preconference, New Orleans, LA. 
Research Program: