Mark Sundman

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Graduate Student, Cognition & Neural Systems
Faculty Advisor: Ying-hui Chou
M.S. Integrative Medicine, George Washington University, 2017
B.S. Exercise Science, Elon University, 2012
(520) 626-7755
Psychology 117A
Research Interests: 

Non-invasive Brain Stimulation (TMS); Neuroimaging (MRI); Aging; Traumatic Brain Injury; Neurodegeneration; Brain Energy Metabolism; Gut-brain axis

Selected Publications: 
Chen, N.K., Chou, Y., Sundman, M., Hickey, P., Kasoff, W. S., Bernstein, A., … Weingarten, C. (2018). Alteration of diffusion-tensor MRI measures in brain regions involved in early stages of Parkinson’s disease. Brain Connectivity.
Cochrane, G. D., Sundman, M. H., Hall, E. E., Kostek, M. C., Patel, K., Barnes, K. P., & Ketcham, C. J. (2018). Genetics Influence Neurocognitive Performance at Baseline but Not Concussion History in Collegiate Student-Athletes. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 28(2), 125–129.
Sundman, M. H., Chen, N.K., Subbian, V., & Chou, Y.H. (2017). The bidirectional gut-brain-microbiota axis as a potential nexus between traumatic brain injury, inflammation, and disease. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 66, 31–44.
Chou, Y. H., Sundman, M., Whitson, H. E., Gaur, P., Chu, M. L., Weingarten, C. P., … Chen, N. K. (2017). Maintenance and Representation of Mind Wandering during Resting-State fMRI. Scientific Reports, 7.
Chou, Y. H., Hickey, P. T., Sundman, M., Song, A. W., & Chen, N. K. (2015). Effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on motor symptoms in parkinson disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis. JAMA Neurology, 72(4), 432–440.
Chang, H. C., Sundman, M., Petit, L., Guhaniyogi, S., Chu, M. L., Petty, C., … Chen, N-K. (2015). Human brain diffusion tensor imaging at submillimeter isotropic resolution on a 3Tesla clinical MRI scanner. NeuroImage, 118, 667–675.
Weingarten, C. P., Sundman, M. H., Hickey, P., & Chen, N.K. (2015). Neuroimaging of Parkinson’s disease: Expanding views. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 59, 16–52.
Sundman, M., Doraiswamy, P. M., & Morey, R. A. (2015). Neuroimaging assessment of early and late neurobiological sequelae of traumatic brain injury: Implications for CTE. Frontiers in Neuroscience.
Sundman, M. H., Hall, E. E., & Chen, N.-K. (2014). Examining the Relationship between Head Trauma and Neurodegenerative Disease: A Review of Epidemiology, Pathology and Neuroimaging Techniques. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinsonism, 4(1), 1–21.
Courses Taught: 

PSY 300 Mind and Brain; PSY 321 Brain Rehab

Research Program: