Mariam Hovhannisyan

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Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Faculty Advisors: Jessica Andrews-Hanna & Matt Grilli


  • BS Cognitive Science, UCLA, 2017
Research Interests: 

Mariam Hovhannisyan is a 1st-Year Graduate Student studying Clinical Psychology.

Selected Publications: 


Hovhannisyan, M., Clarke, A., Geib, B., Cicchinelli, R., Monge, Z., Worth, T., Szymanksi, A., Cabeza, R., & Davis, S., (2021). The Visual and Semantic Features that Predict Object Memory: Concept Property Norms for 1000 Object Images. Memory & Cognition.

Davis, S.W., Geib, B.R., Wing, E.A., Wang, W., Hovhannisyan, M., Monge, Z.A., Cabeza, R. (2020). Visual and Semantic Representations Predict Subsequent Memory in Perceptual and Conceptual Memory Tests. Cerebral Cortex.

Cohen, M.S., Rissman, J., Hovhannisyan, M., Castel, A.D., Knowlton, B.J. (2017). Free Recall Test Experience Potentiates Strategy-Driven Effects of Value on Memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition.

Research Program: