Han Yu Lu

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Real name: 
Graduate Student, Social Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Stone


  • B.A. Psychology, Oregon State
  • M.A. Psychology, Boston University
Psychology 518
Research Interests: 
  • Decision-making in applied contexts as well as culture.
  • Conducting research in these areas and informing positive action.

I’m a 1st-year PhD student in the Social Psychology program under the tutelage of Dr. Jeff Stone. I graduated with a B.A. from Oregon State University and a M.A. from Boston University, both majoring in psychology. Upon graduating from BU, I returned to Singapore and worked in a government-funded cybersecurity lab studying the psychology of hackers. My research interests lie in decision-making in applied contexts as well as culture. It is my passion to conduct research in these areas and inform positive action.

Research Program: