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Associate Professor Emeritus


Interested in how experience affects perception (seeing, hearing, tasting, ofaction, and touchi) including  normal and abnormal perception of space around us and time that goes by. Also interested in the genetics of psychology, longevity research,  and medical applications both conventional and alternative including guided visualization and mindful meditation. A recent paper of mine iin press iargues for the immune system as another sensory modality (psychonomic bulletin and review, in press, 2011) Other research topics include the Other race effect, cross-modal adaptation, evolution, the McCollough Effect, object identify, perceptual expertise, perceptual learning,  eyewitness testimony, mathematics, and pointing behavior.

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Perceptual learning and adaptation, genetics of psychology (special topics in Cognition), Intro Psych (Indv 101), lab class in perception, assorted seminars.