Colin Tidwell

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Real name: 
Graduate Student: Clinical Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Matthias Mehl & Mary Frances O'Connor
  • B.A. in Psychology
Psychology 407
Research Interests: 
  • Investigate how the psychological adjustment of sexual and gender minority populations is impacted by the unique stressors experienced in their everyday lives.
  • Using naturalistic observation methodology (namely the Electronically Activated Recorder) to explore the role of the family environment in adolescent suicidality.
  • Explore the intersection of these two foci.
Colin Tidwell is a 2nd-Year Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona. Before pursuing his doctorate, Colin worked across four labs at the University of Arizona and Yale University where he developed his interests in LGBTQ+ psychology, resilience, and suicidality.
Outside of research, Colin serves as the co-chair of the University of Arizona Psychology Department's Student Wellness Committee and is the graduate advisor for the University of Arizona chapter of the national mental health advocacy organization Active Minds.
Selected Publications: 

Tidwell, C., Kaplan, D., Nugent, N., Mehl, M. (2021). Everyday LGBTQ+ Family Conversations among LGBTQ+ Youth: A Qualitative Thematic Analysis 

Galione, J., Kaplan, D., Tidwell C., Mehl, M., Nugent, N. (2020). Naturalistically-observed vs. Self-reported Social Predictors of Self-injurious Thoughts and Behaviors Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth

Research Program: