Adam Lazarewicz

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Real name: 
Assistant Professor of Practice


(520) 621-5714
Psychology 418



Teaching Interests:
  • Providing students with an understanding of how psychological research is planned, executed, and interpreted
  • Creating connections between the theoretical scope of psychology and the everyday world that students inhabit
  • Helping students see the relevance of psychological research in creating an understanding of themselves and others

Teaching Areas:
My courses, regardless of psychological subfield, always strive to emphasize two major themes: scientific evidence and the application of that evidence.  Regarding evidence, students should understand that psychology is a scientific endeavor, and that one must properly understand the research questions in order to make sense of the answers.  Once this understanding is in place, students can then begin to apply it to their own experience.  My favorite question for a student to ask is “Who cares?”.  Psychology is so widely relatable (by definition) that each particular concept should lend itself to a larger understanding of ourselves and the psychological reality that we occupy.

Courses Taught: 
  • PSY 368 - Psychology of Terrorism