Valeria Pfeifer

Postdoctoral Research Associate II
NOSI Lab (Naturalistic Observation of Social Interaction)
Faculty Supervisor: Matthias Mehl
Pfeifer Headshot

Psychology 407

Selected Publications:

  • Pfeifer, V. A., & Pexman, P. M. (2023). When It Pays to Be Insincere: On the Benefits of Verbal Irony. Current Directions in Psychological Science
  • Pfeifer, V. A. & Pexman, P. M. (2023). Mixed and ambiguous emotions can be studied with verbal irony. Cognitive Neuroscience. DOI: 10.1080/17588928.2023.2181320

Courses Taught:

  • PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology (2021)

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Updated: 10/31/23


  • B.A. Linguistics
  • M.A. Linguistics: Communication, Cognition, & Language Technology
  • Ph.D. Psychology, University of Arizona (2022)