Maomiao Peng

Maomiao Peng

Graduate Student, Cognition & Neural Systems
Faculty Advisors: Mary Peterson & Lynn Nadel
Peng Headshot
She, Her, Hers

Research Interests:

  • Human memory
  • Interested in my research? Head over to my personal website (linked under photo)

Selected Publication:

  • Peng, M., Lovos, A., Bottrill, K., Hughes, K., Sampsel, M., Lee, N. R., Abbeduto, L., Thurman, A. J., & Edgin, J. (2023). Extended trajectory of spatial memory errors in typical and atypical development: The role of binding and precision. Hippocampus, 1–18.

Updated: 09/26/23


  • M.Sc. Cognitive Neuroscience
  • M.A. Psychology