Logan Burmania

Graduate Student, Cognition & Neural Systems
Consciousness-Action-Time (CAT) Lab
Faculty Advisor: Eve Isham
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Psychology 119

He, Him, His

I currently train as a cognitive neuroscientist in the Consciousness-Action-Time Lab. I hold my B.A. in Cognitive Studies from Iowa State University, where I was co-sponsored by an experimental psychologist and a philosopher of the mind. There I received extensive interdisciplinary training; including experimentally investigating the relationship between body-based cues in spatial navigation and theoretically differentiating necessary and sufficient conditions of various theories in consciousness.

Research Interests:

  • How certain clinical disorders affect time perception.
    • Specifically, the role of specific neurological deficits in interval timing performance, with the aim that these observations will provide the foundations for a needed neurocomputational framework of time perception.
  • Human-factor approaches to space and time performance, with a focus on their ergonomic relationships to various technology.
    • Specifically, ways to best correct spatial and temporal errors in various tasks involving both 2D and Virtual Reality components.

Professional Interests:

Teaching and Outreach: Outside of research, I am passionate about engaging with the public on the subtleties of the mind, with the hope that this engagement will help "demystify" these abstract topics to promote more diverse involvement in their conceptualizations. I achieve this by holding lectures and talks on some of Psychology's most nuanced topics; including time perception, consciousness, and the role of science in studies of the mind.

Courses Taught: 

  • PSY 230 - Psychological Measurements & Statistics (2024)

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Updated: 04/08/24


  • B.A. Cognitive Studies, Iowa State University