Lindsay Krebs

Graduate Student, Cognition & Neural Systems
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Laboratory
Faculty Advisor: Vicky Lai

I am a PhD student in the Cognitive and Neural Systems track of the Psychology department. Prior to my time at the U of A, I studied in Germany where I worked on a project aiming to develop an adaptive, online English-language learning system for German schoolchildren. At the U of A, I am a member of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language (CNL) lab.

Research Interests:

  • How does language underlie our mental concepts?
  • How might figurative language, such as metaphor, help us to comprehend abstract concepts? When a concept is introduced with the help of metaphor, do we have a better 'grasp' of the concept, and is the concept more resistant to forgetting?
  • How might language influence thought?
  • To what extent do the idiosyncracies of our native languages constrain or even dictate our cognition? When you learn a new language, do you think differently in that language?

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Lynn Nadel Graduate Scholarship Endowment (2023)


Updated: 07/05/23


  • B.A. Psychology, Reed College
  • M.Sc. Cognitive Science, Universität Tübingen