Hua-dong Xiong

Graduate Student, Cognition & Neural Systems
Faculty Advisors: Robert Wilson
Huadong Xiong headshot

Psychology 416

He, Him, His

Research Interests: 

I use models to understand behaviors of both biological and artificial agents and explore how computation could be implemented in neural networks. Following the release of GPT-4, my research interest has partially shifted towards understanding the emergence of intelligence within large language models.

  • Broadly, understanding the representations used by both biological and artificial agents to perform cognitive tasks
  • How feedforward and recurrent connections contribute to encoding prior information in working memory.
  • Exploration strategies across species.
  • Trade-offs between complexity and effectiveness in the formation of task representations by biological agents.
  • How to perform path integration without the use of a metric representation.
  • To what extent does language contribute to intelligence?

Selected Publications:

  • Xiong, H.D., Ji-An, L., Mattar, M. G & Wilson, R. C.   (2023). Neural network modeling reveals diverse human exploration behaviors via state space analysis. Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience 2023. 
  • Xiong, H.D. & Wei, X. X. (2022). Optimal encoding of prior information in noisy working memory systems. Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience 2022

Updated: 10/06/23


  • M.Ed.