Aurelio Figueredo

Retired May 2022
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Family Studies and Human Development
Director, Ethology and Evolutionary Psychology Track & Minor

Research Interests: 

Broadly speaking, my research program involved the cross-disciplinary integration of comparative psychology, ethology, sociobiology, and behavioral ecology, genetics, and development in human and nonhuman animals.  More specifically, my major substantive focus has been the applications in these areas of the integrative theoretical framework provided by evolutionary life history theory, including the utilization of psychometric methods for describing the latent hierarchical structure of life history strategy.

Selected Publications: 

  • Figueredo, A.J., Cuthbertson, A.M., Kauffman, I.A., Weil, E., & Gladden, P.R. (2012). The interplay of behavioral dispositions and cognitive abilities: Sociosexual orientation, emotional intelligence, executive functions, and life history strategy. Temas em Psicologia, 20(1), 81-100.
  • Figueredo, A.J., Cabeza de Baca, T., & Woodley, M.A. (2013). The measurement of human life history strategy. Personality and Individual Differences55(3), 251–255.
  • Figueredo, A.J., Woodley, M.A., Brown, S.D., & Ross, K.C. (2013). Multiple successful tests of the strategic differentiation-integration effort (SD-IE) hypothesis. Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, 7(4), 361-383.
  • Figueredo, A.J., Wolf, P.S.A., Olderbak, S.G., Gladden, P.R., Fernandes, H.B.F., Wenner, C., Hill, D., Andrzejczak, D.J., Sisco, M.M., Jacobs, W.J., Hohman, Z.J., Sefcek, J.A., Kruger, D., Howrigan, D.P., MacDonald, K., & Rushton, J.P. (2014). The psychometric assessment of human life history strategy: A meta-analytic construct validation. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 8(3), 148-185.
  • Figueredo, A.J., Wolf, P.S.A., Olderbak, S.G., Sefcek, J.A., Frías-Armenta, M., Vargas-Porras, C., & Egan, V. (2015). Positive assortative pairing in social and romantic partners: A cross-cultural observational field study of naturally occurring pairs. Personality and Individual Differences, 84, 30–35.
  • Figueredo, A.J., Gladden, P.R., Sisco, M.M., Patch, E.A., & Jones, D.N. (2015). The unholy trinity: The Dark Triad, sexual coercion, and Brunswik-Symmetry. Evolutionary Psychology, 13(2): 435-454.

Updated: 07/11/22