SkillBridge Internship Trains Service Members for Fields Like Psychology

Feb. 16, 2022
skillbridge program

SkillBridge internship provides unique, one-of-a-kind experience for transitioning service members in fields like Psychology. Skillbridge is a Department of Defense (DOD) program that provides Service members the opportunity to participate in industry training programs while transitioning out of their military careers and back into civilian life. This is a unique, one-of-a kind experience for Psychology faculty and program participants.

Clinical Psychology Professor Daniel Taylor recently had a Skillbridge intern in his lab, and shares his experience with the program: “SkillBridge is an amazing program. Much of my research is funded by the DoD, so working with a SkillBridge intern was a perfect fit. I was able to bring in a Marine Sergeant into my laboratory last year and he has helped me on various studies from digitally examining sleep and sleep disorders as predictors of suicidal urges in active duty Marines undergoing treatment to treating insomnia in an effort to improve healthy aging. He has now started his undergraduate career at the University of Arizona with a tremendous head start toward becoming a future Clinical Psychologist who will one day be treating other military members.”

Staff Sergeant Jada Davis, United States Air Force Retired, recently completed an internship with Drs. Alyssa Croft and Tammi Walker. “My Skillbridge internship in the Croft/Walker Social Roles and Identity Lab was such an amazing experience! Not only did I get a firsthand look into research, design and execution of different studies, I was also encouraged and empowered to ask questions of my own. That type of hands-on experience put me worlds ahead in my studies. I'm set to graduate in the summer and can't thank UA-ARC and UA's Psychology Department enough for how much support and knowledge they so eagerly poured into me!”

Psychology has been an active partner with Skillbridge. Austin Yamada, President/CEO of UA-ARC, says "The UArizona Psychology Department’s support of SkillBridge is a great example of how service members can use the SkillBridge Program as a springboard into a degree program or career in academia.”

The University of Arizona Skillbridge Gateway Program is part of UArizona's Arizona Applied Research Corporation (UA-ARC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that leverages our longstanding strengths as a public land-grant university. The University of Arizona's SkillBridge Program has an added dimension that many other SkillBridge Programs lack – access to world-class researchers and labratories where transitioning service members can learn unique skills, network with professionals, gain research experience, and take a deep dive into areas of interest. This academic research experience is especially useful for those who plan to pursue a degree in higher education. 

Find more information on SkillBridge HERE.