Psychology Undergrad Named Overall College of Science Outstanding Senior

Nov. 10, 2019
Lisa Starley

Congratulations to our outstanding undergraduate, Lisa Starley, who has been named the College of Science Overall Outstanding Senior for Fall 2019! The award recognizes academic excellence, research, and leadership. This is a huge honor for Lisa and for our department. 

Lisa stands out because she is an incredibly hard worker and will often go above and beyond the “job description” without being asked. I believe that this is due to Lisa’s intrinsic interest and motivation. This kind of innate curiosity cannot be taught, like so many of the skills needed to become a successful researcher. Lisa’s curiosity and willingness to approach difficult problems contributes to her strong capacity to think like a scientist, and this combination of traits makes her exactly the type of student that academic researchers dream of mentoring. -Alyssa Croft, Ph.D., Lisa's honors thesis mentor and lab supervisor

After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Lisa plan's to pursue a doctorate in Nursing, and continue her pursuit to make our world a better place for every race, religion, and gender.