Memory Study Aims to Prevent & Reduce Alzheimer's & Dementia

Sept. 7, 2023
Human Brain Hologram Sketch

A psychology study at the University of Arizona is studying undergraduate students' memories in an effort to refine techniques used in cognitive therapy. The project, called Brain Changes Related to Navigation and Memory, has participants devote 27 hours over the course of two weeks to specialized training.


Lead of the project, Professor Arne Ektrom, said students are able to remember an average of 25 after each session in the latter half of the study.

“Having spoken already with many of our senior citizens in Tucson, they do feel like, in many cases, their verbal memory is not what it used to be", Ekstrom said. "And the training might be a way of helping to improve their memory. It’s the same for navigation.”

The team believes that by knowing the science behind the brain, not just why certain therapies work, they can make better recommendations on how to improve and prevent memory loss.

Read more and watch a brief video overview on the KGUN 9 website.

Updated: 09/07/23