Jeff Greenberg receives UArizona's highest award for research, designated a Regents Professor

June 6, 2020
Jeff Greenberg

Many distinguished scholars recognize Jeff as the leading scientist in understanding how the human capacity to be aware of death influences our daily experience and behavior. Over 35 years ago, Jeff and his colleagues (Sheldon Solomon and Tom Pyszczynski) developed a unique conceptual framework, Terror Management Theory (TMT), that provides the most comprehensive account of human motivation today. TMT not only drives contemporary theory and research in social psychology, but also influences research in an array of scientific, scholarly, and translational disciplines including philosophy, anthropology, religious studies, environmental studies, biology, medicine, clinical psychology, health psychology, politics, and many more. Moreover, his theory and research have also had a tremendous impact outside the academy. Popular writers, filmmakers, political commentators, documentary producers, and journalists rely on TMT to explain how conscious and unconscious concerns about mortality determine many negative and positive human actions.

Jeff is the founder or our world-recognized graduate program in Social Psychology and is known as a devoted mentor with an unparalleled record of success in helping his Ph.D. students land highly desirable academic positions. Congratulations to Jeff on this most highly-deserved honor!