Jamie Edgin, Ph.D., awarded Koffler Prize

Oct. 18, 2018

It is our great pleasure to announce that Dr. Jamie Edgin has been awarded the Henry and Phyllis Koffler Prize for her outstanding accomplishments in Public Service and Outreach. The award, with a prize of $10,000, was endowed by UA past president Dr. Henry Koffler to honor outstanding faculty. In his award letter, Provost Comrie wrote: “You have made extraordinary contributions to the community through service and advocacy for families dealing with developmental disorders with your well-established community partnerships, workshops, and community events.” Dr. Edgin’s research has changed our basic understanding of how memory and cognition is altered in individuals with developmental disabilities, and the interplay between memory and sleep disturbance for these individuals. In addition to her deep and abiding commitment to research and community service, Dr. Edgin has been a powerful advocate for children and families with developmental disabilities through her membership on boards of government agencies and national advocacy organizations. We’re very lucky to have Dr. Edgin in the Psychology Department.