Faculty Member Awarded as Distinguished Student Mentor

Sept. 12, 2023
Lai Headshot

College of Science Announces 2023 Teaching and Advising Awards

Every year, the College of Science recognizes outstanding faculty and advisors for their noteworthy participation in representing and contributing to the teaching and advising mission of the University of Arizona. This year, Vicky Tzuyin Lai, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science - was honored with the Distinguished Student Mentoring Award.

Other members of Psychology spoke highly of Dr. Lai. Valeria Pfeifer, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Associate II, said, "Within the College of Science, Dr. Lai fosters novel collaborations that benefit students and provides them with unique training opportunities. Her extensive list of collaborators spans from Geosciences to Neuroscience, Biology, and Computer Sciences." And Mary Peterson, Ph.D. Professor and Director, Cognitive Science Program; Professor, noted that, "In addition to serving as a primary advisor for 7 highly successful Ph.D. students, Vicky served on 16 graduate student committees for other students in the departments of Psychology and Linguistics, and the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching GIDP."

Congratulations, Dr. Lai!

To view the full list of awards and winners, and to read more about Dr. Lai's achievements, visit the College of Science news page.

Updated: 09/12/23