Brain Research for the Ages

Jan. 3, 2023
News - Barnes - Brain Research for the Ages - blonde female student, brunette female student with glasses, Carol Barnes smiling in front of computers at U of A

Studying Aging Takes a Village and Benefits the World

Carol Barnes is a Regents’ Professor in psychology, neurology and neuroscience at the University of Arizona College of Science. She also is the Evelyn F. McKnight Chair for Learning and Memory in Aging and the director of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute.

Barnes’ early curiosity has paid off. Thanks to her research, we have a much different picture of the aging brain than we did 50 years ago. We now know that people do not lose a dramatic number of brain cells over the course of aging, but rather lose some flexibility in individual neurons and some connectivity between them. The brain is capable of forging new connections in service of our neurological needs as we age.

To read the full article on her current research (also accepting applicants to participate) or to contribute to her work with a donation, visit the story from Support UA.

Updated 01/03/23