Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette

Emailing your advisor, or another university professional? Don’t confuse email with a text message! We understand emailing from your phone is the new normal – but that doesn’t mean you should forget email etiquette. The way you email can affect how quickly you are responded to, whether it gets lost in the mix, or how positive of a response you receive.

Email Dos

DO Be Professional
DO Be Concise

  • Begin with a proper salutation. The recipient of the email should be addressed respectfully. Your advisor is probably not: "Hey”
  • Have a clear subject line.
  • Include your student ID.
  • Email from your UA email account. Due to student privacy laws, we cannot respond to messages from personal emails.
  • Be specific and state your questions clearly. Your advisor is not a mind reader! Even if you just met with your advisor yesterday, they work with hundreds of students and may not remember your situation clearly.
  • Sign off on your email professionally.

Email Donts

DON’T Be Too Casual
DON’T Be Vague

  • Never start an email without first addressing the person. Just launching into your question is considered very rude.
  • Don't expect an immediate response – and don’t resend the same email if it’s been less than 3 business days, keeping in mind that advisors/university professionals generally  work Monday-Friday and do not check/respond to emails on weekends. It is important to allow your recipient time to respond.
  • Don’t use the words URGENT or IMPORTANT, unless it's a truly pressing matter
  • Don’t email your advisor if you haven’t tried to find the answer on Psychology Advising or UA’s website first. Be resourceful! Information such as registration deadlines, academic policies and contact information for other departments can often be found online.