Child Cognition Studies

Child Cognition Lab

The Child Cognition Lab studies language learning and memory formation in infants and young children as young as 6-months of age up to 6-years of age. Our lab is currently offering studies for 2 and 4-year-olds via Zoom! Both studies are investigating language development at different ages. Even if you’re across the country or staying home in Tucson, AZ, please consider participating! We have flexible schedules, you will participate from home on a secure connection, and both studies take about 30-minutes or less. At the end of the study, you will receive a $10 gift card as a thank you for participating. Email childcognitionlab [at] gmail [dot] com for more information. 

Tweety Language Development Lab

The Tweety Language Development lab is looking for participants between the ages of 6 months – 2 years for our new Zoom studies! If you think you and your child(ren) might be interested in participating in one of our studies, we'd love to (virtually) have you! Psychology research credit available. 

To make an appointment, or if you have any questions, please send us an email at . You can also find us on the internet at or on Facebook at