Alumni Updates

UA Psychology alumni are spread across the country and around the world – making enormous contributions to so many fields – in scientific research, academia, health care, business, law, education, marketing and advertising, government policy, and more. Read below to hear what some of our incredible alumni have been doing since graduating.

Paul Moffitt

Graduated: 1968

After obtaining my Masters in 1968 in Arizona (I loved my time as a student at the U of A, specially my minor area of study, which was Anthropology and the classes in Clinical Psych). Plus also the fact that in Psychology, we had a Freudian, a Jungian and of course, Behaviourists), I obtained a position as Clinical Psychologist at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, where I was fortunate enough to work in the Dept of Child Psychiatry under Dr. Barry Nurcombe. Barry employed me partly because of my anthropology background, but also so I could work with the Children’s Psychiatric team in the hospital.  Together, we developed the Bourke Preschool for Rural and Aboriginal Children at Bourke, in outback New South Wales. We worked on special techniques to help develop language skills in preschoolers both from the nearby Aboriginal Reserve and in the rural areas around there. 

Michelle Conner

Graduated: 2013

After graduating from the UofA in 2013 with a BA in Psychology, I began my Master's of Counseling program at Arizona State University. In 2015, I graduated with my masters, and at that point decided that my primary interest was working in a school-setting. I applied to BASIS Scottsdale, the number one ranked school in the country, where I worked for two years as their College Counselor. I met with high school students to discuss their career goals and helped them through the college planning and college application process. 

Nicole (Tolhurst) Meek

Graduated: 2013 BA     Advisor: Matthias Mehl

I am a former Honors Psychology student. During my time at the UA, I wanted to focus my thesis research on Military family relationships and fortunately my sage advisor, Dr. Mehl pointed me in the right direction and connected me to Lynne Borden, Stacy Hawkins, Casey Totenhagen, formerly in the UA Department of Family Studies & Human Development.

Guillermo Gallegos

Graduated: 1983 PhD     Advisor: George Domino
I came from Peru, where I got my first degree in psychology. I'm currently a consultant performing forensic work for public safety personnel in NJ and NY. My degree is in clinical psychology. I've worked as a therapist for about 30 years as well as in state hospitals and prisons. I'm now 74 but will not give it up, psychology is my life and my passion.

Alicia Brown

Graduated: 2002 PhD     Advisor: Lee Sechrest
Assistant Chief, Behavioral Health Services at VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System. I share fully in the duties, responsibilities, and authorities of the Chief of the Service. I also have oversight and direct supervisory responsibilities for differing Behavioral Health Service programs. I play a leading role in Central Access to Mental Health/Emergency Care, Quality Improvement, Performance Measures and Peer Review.

Joan F. Joynson

Graduated: 1979 PhD Clinical Psychology, minor Physiological Psychology     Advisor: Spencer McWilliams
I have spent a lifetime working as a Psychologist in different positions and am deeply grateful the U of Arizona and its Psychology Dept. for giving me such an amazing and solid background, both in research with its critical thinking and in clinical experiences.