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Dr. Carol Barnes elected to the National Academy of Sciences 

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Carol Barnes has been elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences. 

No one deserves this highest of all scientific honors more than Carol. Carol has not only made groundbreaking contributions to the study of the aging brain, but her research literally established the field. At a time when most people simply equated “aging” with “deteriorating”, Carol showed us that the aging brain is resilient – it’s constantly adapting, reshaping, and rewiring. Disorders like dementia are not the inevitable endpoint of aging.  This is an incredibly important and positive message that we owe to Carol’s work. Carol has been faculty in the Psychology Department for more than 25 years.  She is not only an amazing scientist, but she is also a wonderful colleague and a dedicated mentor and educator.  Many young neuroscientists around the globe – in particular, women neuroscientists – are indebted to Carol for her guidance and encouragement.   

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Barnes on this distinguished and much-deserved accomplishment! 

Lee Ryan, Professor and Head

Read the article from UA News here

Read the news release from the National Academy of Sciences here

Psychology students impact the local community with food donations

Students in Professor Jeff Stone's class recently went out to the Tucson community to educate people about food insecurity on campus and request donations for UA's Campus Pantry, which mission is to alleviate hunger in the UA Wildcat community by providing food assistance to those in need. The PSY461 course "The Social Psychology of Attitudes" requires students to apply course material in real-life situations. Students developed their own sales campaigns and took their campaign door-to-door. The results were impressive, collecting over 400 pounds of food and almost $200 in cash donations. Thank you to Professor Stone and his class for making a difference in our community! For information on how you can support UA's Campus Pantry, visit

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April 26, 2018

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