Department Newsletter

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Looking toward the future....

Last year, we began an ambitious five-year program of building excellence in research, teaching, and community connections. In just one year, we’ve made amazing progress. Increased resources from research, donors, and the College of Science have allowed us to expand our staff, increase salaries for faculty, staff, and graduate students, create a new website, and make improvements to meeting spaces and laboratories. This semester, I’m delighted to welcome FOUR new talented faculty to our ranks!

Much of our efforts last year were focused on revitalizing our undergraduate teaching programs. A new major – the Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science -- will provide students with intensive research training and experience to prepare them for postgraduate degrees in psychology, medicine, and other science fields. We’re also strengthening our BA in Psychology by expanding the opportunities for students to engage in community internships. And our new UA Online BA in Psychology offers students an outstanding educational experience through interactive learning technologies. In just one year, we are already the largest online major at UA.

Of course, there’s always more to do. In the coming year, we’ll continue building on our successes with new academic initiatives, connecting with alumni, and partnering with community organizations. We’ll also focus on the incredibly important task of expanding diversity within Psychology, using our unique expertise to ensure that our department is a welcoming and nurturing place for everyone.

I’m looking forward to continuing our work together to build a bright future for Psychology.

Lee Ryan
Department Head