September 2017
Friday, September 8 Colloquium: Jamie Edgin, The University of Arizona
Sleep: The Beloved Teacher? Sleep, Memory, and Learning Across Development and Disorder
3-4pm, Psychology 306
October 2017
Friday, October 27 Colloquium: Pat Shipman, Pennsylvania State University (Emeritus)
How Humans Made Dog and Dogs Made Humans
3-4pm, Psychology 306
November 2017
Friday, November 3 Colloquium: Keith Payne, University of North Carolina
Inequality and Subjective Status: Why Economic Inequality is More Than Economics
3-4pm, Psychology 306
December 2017
Friday, December 1 Colloquium: Chris Fagundes, Rice University
A Lifespan Approach to Stress and Health: Contributions from Psychoneuroimmunology
3-4pm, Psychology 306
January 2018
Friday, January 12 Colloquium: Roberta (Robbie) Brinton, The University of Arizona
3-4pm, Psychology 306
Friday, January 26 Colloquium: Kristina Olson, The University of Washington
When Sex and Gender Collide: The Transyouth Project
3-4pm, Psychology 306
February 2018
Friday, February 2 Colloquium: Linda Gallo, San Diego State University
Sociocultural Factors in Cardiometabolic Health Among Hispanics/Latinos
3-4pm, Psychology 306
Friday, February 23 Colloquium: Kalina Christoff, The University of British Columbia
Mind-Wandering as Spontaneous: A Dynamic Framework
3-4pm, Psychology 306
March 2018
Friday, March 16 Colloquium: Jeff Stone, The University of Arizona
Addressing Implicit Bias in Healthcare
3-4pm, Psychology 306
Friday, March 30 Colloquium: Doug Mennin, Columbia University
Emotion Regulation Therapy for Self-Referential Anxiety and Mood Disorders
3-4pm, Psychology 306
April 2018
Friday, April 6 Colloquium: Camillo Padoa-Schioppa, Washington University in St. Louis
Neuronal Mechanisms of Economic Decisions
3-4pm, Psychology 306
Friday, April 20 Colloquium: Dov Cohen, The University of Illinois
Religion and defending against the forbidden
3-4pm, Psychology 306
Friday, April 27 Colloquium: Shayna Rosenbaum, York University
Mnemonic Discrimination Operates across Modality, Cognitive Processes, Representations, and Experience
3-4pm, Psychology 306