2013-2014 Colloquium Series

 Colloquium are held in the Psychology Building, Room 305 @ 4:00pm

Cookies & soda will be available before the colloquium.
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FALL 2013

Sept 6
Lee Ryan, The University of Arizona
The amazing aging brain:  Maintaining brain health and cognitive functions as we age
Oct 11
Shige Oishi, The University of Virginia
Socioecological psychology
Nov 1
Mary Peterson, The University of Arizona

Nov 8 
Nachum Ulanovsky, Weizman Institute of Science, Israel
Neural codes for 2-D and 3-D space in the hippocampal formation of bats

Dec 6
Ken Paller, Northwestern University
Hidden Aspects of Human Memory:  (a) Unconscious precursors and (b) consolidation during sleep


Jan 24
David Schnyer, The University of Texas at Austin
The role of attention in cognitive control:  individual differences and plasticity

Jan 31
Greg Miller, UCLA
Endophenotypes, the NIMH RDoC Initiative, and the Role(s) of Neuroscience in Psychopathology Research

Feb 21
Monica Uddin, Wayne State University
Molecular influences on mental illness over the life course

March 7
David ZaldVanderbilt University
The Emotional Attentional Blink

Apr 4
Katherine PearsUniversity of Oregon
The Impacts of Early Adversity on Children's Psychosocial and Neurobiological Functioning:  How Can We Effectively Intervene?


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