Hands on experience is not required for Psychology BA majors but it is highly recommended. There are several ways that students can get engaged in the field of Psychology while receiving academic credit through the Psychology Department*:

Research Assistantship (Independent Study)

Faculty members commonly accept research assistants at the beginning and end of each semester (to begin at the start of the following semester). One way to become involved as a research assistant is to directly contact a faculty member or graduate student whose research you find interesting and ask them if they have any positions available for a research assistant*.
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An internship is a way for students to get course credit* for doing supervised work in the field of Psychology. To get credit for an internship students are required to identify an organization or agency that does Psychology related work, complete the Internship proposal form, and submit to Psychology 312 for final review. Students can earn 1 unit of credit for every 45 hours worked with the organization or agency. Schedules are left to the student/volunteer and the organization/agency to determine. We hope the tools below will help students find an engagement opportunity that fits their interests.
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 *NOTE: Please note that letter grades are not available for independent study or internship credit. Psychology minors can use 3 units of ind. study, preceptorship, practicuum, or internship towards the 18 units required. Psychology BA students can use 6 units of hands on experience credits towards the 33 required of their major and Psychological Science BS students are required to complete 9 units of 400 level directed research, capstone or Honors thesis credits towards the 45 units required of their major.

Psi Chi International Honor Society

For general information about Psi Chi International, please visit www.psichi.org
For specific questions regarding the University of Arizona chapter, please email uapsichi@gmail.com