Psychology Colloquium Series

2014-2015 Colloquium Series
Colloquium are held in the Psychology Building, Room 306 @ 4:00pm

Cookies & soda will be available before the colloquium.
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FALL 2014

Sept. 5th 
Eli Finkel, Northwestern University
The All-or-Nothing Marriage

Sept. 12th
Fabian Fernandez,
The Johns Hopkins University Down Syndrome: Bridging the Animal-Human Divide

Sept. 26th
Paul Kaufman, The University of Arizona
Admissibility of Neuropsychological Evidence: Response Bias, Effort, and Malingering

Oct. 17th
Scott Killgore, The University of Arizona
Sleep Loss, Brain Function, and Performance of the Emotional-Executive System

Nov. 7th
Jennifer Skeem, University of California Berkeley
Toward Wise Interventions for High Risk Youth

Dec. 5th
Rachel Manber, Standford University
Improving Sleep to Enhance Depression Outcomes


Jan. 23
Jude Carroll, The University of Texas at Austin
Restorative Processes and Aging: The Role of Sleep in Telomere Maintenance and Multisystem Biological Risk

Jan. 30
Randy Thornhill, University of New Mexico
The Parasite-stress Theory of Values and Sociality and its Implications for Understanding the Acquisition and Diversity of Culture

Feb. 6
Gary Schwartz, The University of Arizona
Post-Materialist Psychology

Mar. 6
Bruce Cuthbert, National Institute of Mental Health
Toward Psychological Clinical Science in the 21st Century: The Legacy of Varda Shoham

April 3
Erick Heckler, Arizona State University
Is the Study for Behavior a "Wicked Problem"? Implications for a More "Agile" Scientific Process

April 10
Dima Amso, Brown University
Development of Interactive Visual Attention and Memory Processes

April 17
Robert Wilson, The University of Arizona
The Explore-Exploit Dilemma in Human Reinforcement Learning
(ILC 140)

April 24
Jocelyn Bachevalier, Emory University

May 1
Mark Landau, University of Kansas
Metaphor's Persuasive Power