Samantha Nagy

Real name: 
Graduate Student: Clinical Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Taylor
  • B.A. Psychology 
  • M.S. Psychology (Behavioral Health Focus)
Research Interests: 

Research Interests:

trauma, sleep, PTSD, emotion regulation, occupational contexts, shift work, bio/inflammatory markers

I am originally from Metro Detroit, MI and earned my BA and MS in Pscyhology from Oakland University in Rochester, MI. I worked under Dr. Scott Pickett studying trauma and its consequences, including sleep disturbances. When Dr. Pickett secured a position at Florida State University, I followed to work in the Center for Translational Behavioral Science in the College of Medicine. Our research was focused on bridging the gap between clinical, public health, and medical research. I am beginning the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Arizona in the fall of 2020 under Dr. Daniel Taylor, hoping to continue to contribute to research surrounding sleep and trauma.

Selected Publications: 
The Relationship Between Mindfulness, PTSD-related Sleep Disturbance, and Sleep Quality: Contributions Beyond Emotion Regulation (2020) Nagy, S.M., Pickett, S. M., Hunsanger, J. A.
Anger as Avoidance: The Role of Negative Posttraumatic Cognitions and Associations with Posttraumatic Outcomes (in) Stress and Emotion in Developmental, Sociocultural, and Occupational Contexts: Risk for Adverse Outcomes (2019) Symposium presented at the 7th International Conference on Emotions, Wellbeing, and Health; Tilburg, the Netherlands
Research Program: