Monica Acevedo-Molina

Monica Acevedo-Molina's picture
Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Matt Grilli
  • B.A. Psychology
  • M.A. Psychology 
Psychology 242
Research Interests: 
  •  Autobiographical memory
  • Aging in bilingual and monolingual Hispanics

My name is Mónica Acevedo-Molina and I am a fourth-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program in the neuropsychology tract. I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, where I majored in Psychology. After I graduated from college, I was elected to participate in the Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) from the University of Iowa. As a PREP scholar, I conducted Alzheimer's disease research in a neuropsychology lab. As a graduate student in the Human Memory Lab, I am researching autobiographical memory and aging in bilingual and monolingual Hispanics.

Selected Publications: 
  • Acevedo-Molina, M.C., Matijevic, S., & Grilli, M.D. (2019). Beyond Episodic Remembering: Normal Aging and the Construction of Autobiographical Narratives. Memory, 28(1), 83-93.
  • Acevedo-Molina, M.C., Novak, A., Gregoire, L., Mann, L., Andrews-Hanna, J., & Grilli, M.D. (2020) Emotion Matters: Episodic Future Thinking in Young and Older Adults. Under Review.
Research Program: