Lindsey Crown

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Graduate Student, Cognition & Neural Systems
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Cowen

B.A. Philosophy, University of California, San Diego, 2009 
M.Sc. Brain and Cognitive Science, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013

Life Sciences North, Room 384
Research Interests: 

My primary interests are in the neurobiological basis of decision-making and memory and how these cognitive constructs are altered in disorders of the nervous system.  Within decision-making I am particularly interested in understanding how effort modulates brain activity both at the level of individual neurons and large-scale oscillatory patterns.  How do different brain areas known to be involved in different aspects of decision-making (for example than anterior cingulate and the orbital frontal cortex) interact as animals forage and make goal-directed choices? Related to this, I am interested in disorders of decision-making, particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder, a subject on which I did my masters research.

Within memory systems I am interested in how large-scale local field potential (LFP) oscillations known to be involved in memory consolidation, particularly cortical spindles and hippocampal ripples, may be altered in Parkinson’s disease.  I am currently involved in a project researching how the LRRK2 gene (the most common genetic cause of Parkinson’s disease) affects these memory-consolidation related oscillations in mice. What we discover may help uncover biomarkers for early stage Parkinson’s disease and identify possible targets for treatment.

I earned my B.A. from the University of California, San Diego where I studied philosophy, specializing in philosophy of neuroscience.  I then traveled to the Netherlands where I worked in the Cognitive Science Center, Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience while completing a M.Sc. in Brain and Cognitive Science from the University of Amsterdam.  After returning to the U.S. I moved to Tucson to begin work towards my PhD at the University of Arizona.

Selected Publications: 

Platform to Enable Combined Measurement of Dopamine and Neural Activity
Kate L. Parent, Daniel F. Hill, Lindsey M. Crown, Jean-Paul Wiegand, Kathleen F. Gies, Michael A. Miller, Christopher W. Atcherley, Michael L. Heien, and Stephen L. Cowen
Analytical Chemistry 2017 89 (5), 2790-2799
DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b03642

Quantifying inter-individual anatomical variability in the subcortex using 7T structural MRI
M.C Keuken, P-L. Bazin, L. Crown, J. Hootsmans, A.Laufer, C. Muller-Axt. R. Sier, E.J. van der Putten, A. Schafer, R. Turner, B.U. Forstmann
NeuroImage 2014 94   40-46

Courses Taught: 

Psych 150 (TA): Intro to Psychology
Psych 233 (TA): Intro to Statistics
Psych 313 (TA): Drugs and the Brain
Pysch 597: Advanced Statistics (graduate level)
Psych 333 (TA): Judgement and Decision Making

Areas of Study: 

Decision-Making, Memory Systems, Sleep

MA Thesis Title: 
The signal attenuation mouse model of OCD
Research Program: