Horst Dieter Steklis

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Professor and Division Chair

B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. Anthropology (Primatology) UC Berkeley

McClelland Park 301F
Research Interests: 

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I am a primatologist with research specializations in comparative anatomy, neuroscience, behavioral biology, evolution of behavior, and primate conservation. I have conducted laboratory studies (in neuroscience and endocrinology) and field work primarily with mountain gorillas in Rwanda as well as wild chimpanzees. My present research interests include mountain gorilla personality and life history characteristics, primate paternal behavior, the evolution of empathy and self-awareness, and the study of human personality and attitudes toward animals. I teach courses reflecting these interests in Psychology (through U of A South) and in Family Studies and Human Development (Main campus) and work on several collaborative research projects with my wife (Netzin G. Steklis) and other faculty and students from these departments. For more information about my research interests and background go to my personal website: www.wild-minds.org  

Selected Publications: 

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Disertation Title: 
The Influence of Selective Temporal Lobe Ablations on the Social Behavior of Vervet Monkeys