Elizabeth Ver Hoeve

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Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Heidi Hamann
  • M.A.
Psychology 411
Research Interests: 
My research focuses on understanding factors that impact the lives of individuals as they adjust to health-related adversity such as cancer. Specifically, I am interested in identifying psychological, interpersonal and societal processes that influence adherence to clinical treatment recommendations. I am particularly motivated to address health disparities within the context of cancer and am currently studying how community-focused patient navigation systems may improve care coordination.
Selected Publications: 
  • Ver Hoeve, E. S., Ali-Akbarian, L., Price, S. N., Lothfi, N. M., & Hamann, H. A. (2020). Patient-reported financial toxicity, quality of life, and health behaviors in insured US cancer survivors. Supportive Care in Cancer, 1-10.
  • Psihogios, A.M., Schwartz, L.A., Deatrick, J.A., Ver Hoeve, E.S., Anderson, L.M., Wartman, E.C., & Szalda, D. (2019). Preferences for cancer survivorship care among adolescents and young adults who experienced healthcare transitions and their parents. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 13(4), 620-631.
  • Hamann, H. A., Ver Hoeve, E. S., Carter-Harris, L., Studts, J. L., & Ostroff, J. S. (2018). Multilevel opportunities to address lung cancer stigma across the cancer control continuum. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, 13 (8), 1062 – 1075.
  • Ver Hoeve, E. S., Kelly, G., Luz, S., Ghanshani, S., & Bhatnagar, S. (2013). Short-term and long-term effects of repeated social defeat during adolescence or adulthood in female rats. Neuroscience, 249, 63-73.
Research Program: