Dylan Horner

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Real name: 
Graduate Student, Social Psychology
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Greenberg
  • B.A. Psychology (Minot State University, 2017) 
  • M.A. Experimental Research Psychology (Cleveland State University, 2019)
Research Interests: 

Broadly, I am interested in how people manage existential and death-related concerns. More specifically, I am interested in exploring the conditions under which death awareness may motivate self-determined and intrinsically-oriented pursuits.

Selected Publications: 
Vail, K. E., Conti, J. P., Goad, A. N., & Horner, D. E. (2020). Existential threat fuels worldview defense, but not after priming autonomy concepts. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 42(3), 150-166.
Vail, K. E., Horner, D. E., Waggoner, B., Conti, J. P. (2019). Pushing up daisies: Goal orientations, death awareness, and satisfaction with life. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 85, 103891.
Selected Presentations:
Horner, D. E., & Vail, K. E. (2019, April). Goal orientation and death awareness impact well-being and growth motivation. Paper presentation at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association. Chicago, IL.
Horner, D. E., & Vail, K. E. (2019, February). Pushing up daisies: When self-determined, death awareness increases satisfaction with life and growth (not defense) motivation. Paper presentation at the Existential Psychology Preconference at the annual meeting of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology. Portland, OR.
Courses Taught: 
  • PSY 290 - Research Methods
  • Teaching Assistant for PSY 352 (Introduction to Personality Psychology)
  • Teaching Assistant for PSY 360 (Social Psychology)
Research Program: