Diheng Zhang

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Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology
Faculty Advisor: John Allen
M.A. Psychology, Columbia University, 2014
B.S. Psychology, Nanjing University, China 2012
Psychology 409
Research Interests: 
As a researcher, I seek to understand the etiology of certain psychopathology (specifically, mood disorders) in the context of cognitive neuroscience and information theory, in hope of developing science-based, effective intervention. I aim to achieve this goal by two approaches: 1) conducting in lab experiments to test existing hypothesis for etiology of psychopathology; 2) creating computational models based on existing theories of how brain activities support normal cognitive/affective function, and to test the boundaries between normality and pathology with computational simulation. In a much broader sense, I am also interested in research that explores the biological representation of memory and emotion in human beings and the possible corresponding mathematical representations for artificial intelligence.
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