Catherine Shisslak

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Real name: 
Professor, Behavioral Health Clinic Director


(520) 626-6306
Psychology 258
Research Interests: 
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Best Practice clinical teaching

2012 College of Medicine, “Gus Ortiz Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Clinical Teaching,” Family & Community Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine.

2007 U.S. Health and Human Services Award for “Outstanding Contributions, Science to Service” Award for work on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, Women’s Committee. Awarded.
Special recognition for promoting the integration of psychological practices in medical settings.

2015 Ashish, D., Stickel, A., Kasniak, A., & Shisslak, C.M.
“A Multipronged Intervention For Treatment of Psychotic Symptoms From Post Football TBI in an Adolescent Male: A Case Report.” Presented at Third Annual School of Mind, Brain and Behavior Poster Session Conference.

Selected Publications: 

Kutob, R., Bormanis, J., Crago,M., Harris, J.M., Senf, J. and Shisslak, C.M. “Cultural Competence Education For Practicing Physicians Lessons in Cultural Humility, Non-Judgmental Behaviors and Health Beliefs Expectations.” The Journal of Continuing Education in The Health Professions, In Press.

Kutob, R., Bormanis, J., Crago, M., Harrris, J.M. and Shisslak, C.M. “Assessing Cutlural Competence in Diabetes Care Using Unannanounced Standard Patients.” Family Medicine, In Press.

Siwik V, Kutob RM, Ritenbaugh C, Crus L, Meyer H, Senf J, Aickin M, Larez M, Carruth L, Shisslak C, Going S, Shatte A. Intervention in overweight children improves BMI and physical Activity. The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine 2013; 26:12637.

Kutob,RM, Crago M, Bormanis J, Gordon P, Shisslak C. Using Standardized Patients to Teach Cross-Cultural Communication Skills to Pre-Clinical Medical Students. Medical Teacher 2012; 34(7): 594.

Hicks, P., Hicks, X.E.; Meyer, H & Shisslak, C.M. Treating Drug Resistant Depression: Augmenting Anti- Depressants in Primary Care. Journal of Family Practice, 3, 232-240, 2012.

Research Program: