Social Areas of Study

As a group, the faculty in social psychology focus their experimental and correlational research on topics related to health, coping, well-being, attitudes, the self-concept, self-esteem, social perception, prejudice, stereotyping, culture, personality. The following brief descriptions provide information about each faculty member’s current programs of research (more information is available under the "social faculty" link).

Alyssa Croft
Research interests: gender, social roles, culture, stigma, stereotypes, prejudice

Jeff Greenberg
Research interests: Terror Management Theory, Cognitive Dissonance Theory, Prejudice and Stereotyping, Psychodynamic Perspectives on Motivation, Motivational Factors in Thought and Behavior, Depression and Self-awareness, The Self-concept and Self-esteem.

Matthias Mehl (Program Director)
Research interests: health and well-being; relationships, social interactions & health, personality & health, culture, ambulatory assessment, naturalistic observation, language use.

Jeff Stone
Research interests: Attitude and behavior change processes; the role of stereotypes and prejudice in health disparities, health care, sports, and education.

Daniel Sullivan
Research interests: Experimental existential psychology, cultural psychology, suffering, trauma, religion, guilt, anxiety.

Research Interests: Psychology and law, juvenile justice, civil procedure and criminal law
Research Interests: culture, emotion, well-being, health